Pharmaceutical Sales Careers for Business Degree Graduates – Business Entertainment

So you graduated with a business degree or even a MBA and you don’t want to become an accountant or get too heavily involved in the finance or banking areas. You like marketing and sales but are not sure of which industry to work in. If you want to be in a leading edge field that plays an important role in healthcare, you might want to consider a pharmaceutical sales career.Unlike what some people think, one does not have to be a science graduate or have a scientific background to become a pharmaceutical sales representative. As long as one has the aptitude to keep learning, pharmaceutical company training departments will make sure that new pharmaceutical sales reps are thoroughly trained in the science in order to do the job effectively.Although it is easier for people with science backgrounds, there have been many others who went into pharmaceutical sales careers without prior related experience with anatomy, physiology and pharmacology. So going into pharmaceutical sales is most certainly possible if you are a business degree graduate as long as you prove that you are willing to learn the science. In fact, once trained as a pharmaceutical sales representative, the field is a perfect combination of science and business.There are many perks and benefits when working as a pharmaceutical sales rep in the industry. Salaries and bonuses could amount to six figures for high achievers and there is the use of a company car. Corporate expense accounts are also available for business entertaining. There are also the travel opportunities that are paid for by the company as many sales meetings as well as medical conventions are often located at nice places.Being a pharmaceutical sales representative also means that there is a lot of freedom and independence with the job as fixed working shifts are not the norm. Even better is that for 95% of the time, there is no boss to look over your shoulder while on the job.Being a pharmaceutical sales rep also has some intangible rewards. The field involves working with medical professionals to bring them useful products that will greatly benefit their patients. Reps with pharmaceutical sales forces can be considered as part of the overall health care team since they are playing an important role in helping patients.So if you are a business graduate and want to do something in the exciting healthcare field, consider pursuing a pharmaceutical sales career.